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#wonkynoshi competition


So... sometimes our tube filling machine decides to play tricks on us when rotating the tubes, resulting in ugly ducklings like these:


At first we thought we thought about discarding all these wonky tubes to ensure that every set of Food Paint was picture-perfect but then we all turned to each other and said "No way José!" To waste so much product and packaging would go against everything we stand for for. We're all about healthy eating, sustainability and recycling. It would be INSANE to throw stuff out because it looked a bit wonky.

So we hatched a plan: If you find a wonky tube of any flavor in your box of Food Paint, post an image of it to Instagram with the hashtag #wonkynoshi and a caption to make us laugh, and at the end of the year we'll pick a winner and send them TEN boxes of Food Paint (probably containing another couple of wonky tubes).

Save the earth, recycle, be nice and eat more Food Paint (wonky or otherwise).