- For Kids

Food paint is simple:

It's just a condiment like maple syrup or strawberry sauce,
but in tubes small enough for little people to manage.
(Plus you can draw with it too!)


Noshi edible organic Food Paint is something we're amazed hasn't been invented already. It's three different edible colors made from organic fruit puree (with no added sugar, salt or preservatives) that kids can use to decorate their meals and then eat. 

It's such a simple idea, and guaranteed to get kids more interested in their food. They'll feel more involved and it will make mealtimes more fun, whether they're creating mini-masterpieces or a major mess. They can write their name across their ice-cream or draw faces on their pancakes. Whatever their imagination can conjure..

Food Paint is sold in a box of three tubes, like a paint set from an art store, with each tube containing a different brightly-colored fruit puree: red strawberry, yellow peach and purple-ish blue blueberry.

Thanks for listening. Watch this space (and our Instagram @Noshiforkids) for news.

Pegi and Tomo